Star Gazer

STEP 1: Start with China Glaze manicure in Liquid Leather.


STEP 2: Pour a small amount of Sexy in the City and Reggae to Riches onto a flat surface. Use corner of sponge to apply the polish.


STEP 3: Dab sponge a few times at the base of the nail with Sexy in the City, lightly dabbing up and down the nail for a blended look. Repeat step at the tip of the nail with Reggae to Riches. For a deeper look, allow the polish to dry before sponging again, to prevent smudging.


STEP 4: Apply Fairy Dust over entire nail for a star like effect.


STEP 5: Finish with Fast Forward Top Coat to protect your design. Clean up excess lacquer using a sponge, brush, or cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.