Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

1. Apply two coats of China Glaze GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE SUN and let it dry completely.



2. Using China Glaze ABOUT LAYIN’ OUT, paint a triangle in the upper right corner of the nail. Next create a stair step on the lower left side making sure not to extend ABOUT LAYIN’ OUT to the base to the cuticle.  


3 Using the VAN-GOLD THE DISTANCE striper draw one thin line outlining the vertical edge of the triangle. Next draw a thin horizontal line extending from the outermost corner of the triangle across the nail to the outermost corner of the stair step. Draw thin lines outlining the stair step using VAN-GOLD THE DISTANCE. Add a small horizontal line extending off lower right corner of the bottom step.  


4  Create a solid triangle in the lower right corner using VAN-GOLD THE DISTANCE.  


5 Finally, draw one thin vertical line from the middle of the bottom of the upper triangle to the lower triangle using VAN-GOLD THE DISTANCE.